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Built-in Oven Buying Guide

Whether you’re someone who enjoys cooking for the whole family or someone who prefers an oven that’s easy to clean, our built-in oven buying guide will help lead you to the Trinity oven that’s perfect for you and your everyday needs.

Size & Capacity

If you’re re-designing your kitchen or thinking about upgrading your built-in oven, the size and capacity of your new oven is one of the first things you should be considering. Read on to find out how each type of oven could suit your everyday needs.
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Now that you’ve decided on the size and capacity you need in your oven, it’s time to think about the type of oven you want to purchase.

Built-in Electric oven

Trinity buit-in ovens provide a perfect choice for your everyday cooking and a great soluation for your kitchen needs. With TRINITY built-in ovens you will enjoy cooking for the whole family and satisfied to have an oven that’s easy to clean.

Extra Features


TRINITY Gas Ovens recreate the essence and unique cooking ability of a traditional gas oven. The magic of this style of cooking lie in the ability to produce succulent roast meat encased in delicious crisp skin. Our gas fired technology ovens are for convenience and enables a variety of cuisines to be cooked in the gas oven.

Heating Fan Forced Oven

Always achieve perfectly roasted meat and evenly baked desserts with our fan heating system. The heating element surrounding the fan offer uniform heat throughout the oven for perfect, quick and even cooking results.
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AirFry Tray available

With a specially designed AirFry tray, it allows very hot air to circulate around the food quickly and evenly.With little to no oil, food will be healthier, more delicious, crispy outside and julcy Stainless Steel dishwasher safe AirFry tray will be easy and fast to clean.