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TRINITY appliances are distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Unitec Industries Pty Ltd(“Unitec”). Unitec continues to make a concerted effort to produce the most ‘up-to-date’ and comprehensive product literature. However, this website must not be regarded as an infallible guide to current specifications and features, as Unitec reserves the right, subject to law, to vary product specifications and features from those detailed in this website at any time and without notice. Customers should seek advice from their retailer concerning current specifications and features.

Unitec Privacy Policy

Unitec Industries Pty Ltd is committed to protecting personal privacy. This Privacy Policy outlines the type of information that’s collected by Unitec and how it’s used and protected. This Policy explains what to do if an individual doesn’t want personal information collected and how information that’s already been provided to Unitec can be changed.


By submitting personal information, which includes registering a product, an individual agrees with the terms of Unitec current Privacy Policy. If an individual does not agree with any term within this Policy, then personal information should not be provided, no-one is obligated to provide personal information. However, failure to do so may result in Unitec being unable to provide an individual with product(s) and/or provide certain services including after sales service.


As used in this Privacy Policy, ‘personal information’ means personally identifiable information such as an individual’s name, street address, email address and telephone numbers.
Personal information maybe requested by Unitec to enable an individual to register for a product warranty or promotion, receive information or mailings, buy a product or service from Unitec , fill out a survey, make a comment or enquiry or for a variety of other reasons. Please be assured that Unitec will not collect any personal information unless an individual provides this information voluntarily.
When Unitec is provided with personal information, the individual is authorising Unitec to use that information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


Personal information and the information Unitec gathers are used solely by SUnitec for the express purpose for which it was collected eg to respond to an enquiry, register a product warranty, entry into a promotion etc. It may also be used by Unitec to improve Unitec’s products and web sites as well as means of contacting an individual regarding other products and services which may be of interest to the individual. Unitec may also share it with, or pass it to other brands within the Unitec. At any time, however, an individual may opt out of such future contact. (See “Who to Contact” below).
At times Unitec may retain third parties to process and analyse data collected eg information collected on the Unitec web sites, including personal information, solely to help improve Unitec ’s products and web sites. In addition, if a product or service is ordered from Unitec then personal information may be shared with Unitec ’s suppliers and other third parties to allow delivery of such product or service. These suppliers and other third parties are not authorised by Unitec to use personal information in any other way.
Finally, please note that Unitec will release an individual’s personal information if required to do so by law.


Unitec reserves the right to change or remove the Unitec Privacy Policy at Unitec ’s discretion. If Unitec decides to change the Privacy Policy, the changes will be posted here.


Unitec takes all reasonable precautions to keep personal information secure. Access to personal information is permitted among Unitec ’s employees only on a need-to-know basis.


If an individual doesn’t want to be contacted in the future by Unitec, would like to correct or update personal information in Unitec ’s records, has any comments or questions about the Privacy Policy or would like to report any possible violations of the Privacy Policy they should contact:
By mail: Unitec Industries Pty Ltd
Unit 22,22-30Northumberland Rd, Caringbah, 2229,Australia
Phone: 1300 615 001
Unitec is committed to protecting an individual’s privacy. Please do not hesitate to contact Unitec with any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy.